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Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for TrendLab 2021! This year, attendees get first class tickets with TrendMiner Airlines for a (virtual) trip. Destination: Trend Island. Your adventure is taking place on Sept 7th, 14th, and 21st.

With the Head of Customer Success as your captain, the TrendMiner team as your flight attendants and tour guides, you can expect to be amazed by the variety of adventures you can chose from on Trend Island! You’ll be able to put together your own virtual discovery based on your experience and interests and hand-pick your own digital excursions. We’ll bring you from one excitement to the next and guide you through customer use cases, partner presentations, roadmap reveals and much more. 

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Your Flight Crew

Frederick Motte

Frederick Motte

Global Head of Customer Success


Laura Linnig

Head of Customer Success DACH


Sofie Verleden

Customer Success Manager


Susanne Khatib

Customer Marketer


Ana Buzatu

Graphic Designer


Hanne Neyens

Operations Manager

Discover Trend Island

Lack of time, limited resources, daily business challenges, and months of working through a global pandemic... does any of this sound familiar?

Staying on top of the latest industry and business challenges and evolutions is tough. It takes valuable time and energy. There’s a constant battle to do more with data to gain powerful and actionable insights. We get it, and that’s why we’re here with a life boat.

Instead of dragging yourself through the Desert of Manual Analytics and climbing the Excel Mountains, wouldn’t it be more fun to chill at an Analytics Oasis or sunbathe on a boat while cruising the Contextual Sea?

Change your perspective; give into your curiosity to learn and explore; get adventurous and join us to uncover new depths of knowledge on a trip to the legendary Trend Island!

Extended island


Trend Island Excursions

13 artboards WHITE-01-1

Scuba Diving

Dive deep into your data

13 artboards WHITE-04-1

Mountain Hiking

Achieve great heights



Hit all of your targets

5 kayak-05 (1)


Maneuver steadily toward your goals



All hands on deck

Horseback riding

Horseback Riding

Optimize your journey

Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari

An exciting ride with reliable partners



Get a birds-eye view of Trend Island

Wheather Station-14

Weather Station

Get your forecast done

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Discover Use Case Beach



Conquer the digitalization wave

13 artboards WHITE-02-1

Cooking Class

Learn recipes for success


For session descriptions and speaker bios, click here.

Times are listed in Central Daylight Time (Houston) and Central European Summer Time (Belgium).

**Note: Itinerary is subject to change.

Time (CDT) Activity Session Title Time (CEST)
7:30-7:45 3-trendminer-icon-fullcolor1200 Welcome to TrendLab 2021
Presented by Joan van de Wetering, Managing Director at TrendMiner 
7:45-8:45 3-trendminer-icon-fullcolor1200 TrendMiner Keynote
Presented by Fréderick Motte, Global Head of Customer Success at TrendMiner
8:45-9:30 13 artboards WHITE-01-1  Data Scientist in the Loop + Customer Use Case: Enriching TrendMiner Functionality
with Notebooks
Presented by Nimet Sterneberg, Data Scientist at Clariant
9:30-9:50 TrendTours Logo - PNG format Sneak Peek: TrendHub NextGen
Presented by Nick Van Damme, Director of Products at TrendMiner
9:50-10:05 TrendTours Logo - PNG format TrendMiner Field Guide: New User Onboarding
Presented by Jef Vanlaer, CS Operations Manager, and Stijn Agten, Support Manager at TrendMiner
10:05-10:40 5 kayak-05 (1)  Customer Use Case: Digitalization Strategy & Roll-Out
Presented by Laurent Baseilhac and Nina Soler of Arkema
10:40-11:05 13 artboards WHITE-04-1  Customer Use Case:  Enhancing Situational Awareness with Analytics
Presented by Yasha Watkar, Associate Engineer at Nestlé Health Science


Time (CDT) Activity Session Title Time (CEST)
7:30-7:55 13 artboards WHITE-09-1 Customer Use Case: Reaping the Full Benefit of Your TrendMiner Pilot 
Presented by Ronan Lüttig, Engineering Technician at Vestolit Marl
7:55-8:45 13 artboards WHITE-08-1 Customer Use Case: Driving User Adoption 3 Years into Roll Out
Presented by Christoph Bros, Dr. Sebastian Recker, and Leon Getrost of LANXESS
8:45-9:00 TrendTours Logo - PNG format TrendHub NextGen - Searches & Monitors
Presented by Jeroen Bouvin, Product Owner at TrendMiner
9:00-9:20 13 artboards WHITE-12-1 Customer Use Case: Avoiding Shutdowns
Presented by Samir Khoda, Optimization Engineer at BASF
9:20-9:40 TrendTours Logo - PNG format TrendMiner Field Guide: Functional Support
Presented by Jef Vanlaer, CS Operations Manager, and Stijn Agten, Support Manager at TrendMiner
9:40-10:40 13 artboards WHITE-13-1 TrendMiner Partner Ecosystem
Partners to be announced soon!
10:40-11:00 TrendTours Logo - PNG format Ecosystem and Connectivity
Presented by Kim Rutten,  Ecosystem Innovation Manager at TrendMiner
11:00-11:20 13 artboards WHITE-13-1 Interview with TrendMiner Partner
Interviewee: Patrick Caron, Director of Industry 4.0 Solutions at NOVIPRO


Time (CDT) Activity Session Title Time (CEST)
7:30-7:50 13 artboards WHITE-03-1 Workforce 4.0 – Data in the Classroom (Panel)
Panelists: Prof. Axel Busboom of Munich University of Applied Sciences &
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Seyfang and Prof. Dr. Christian Reichert of TH Bingen (University of Applied Sciences)
7:50-8:10 TrendTours Logo - PNG format Security @ TrendMiner
Presented by Jan De Dobbeleer, CTO at TrendMiner
8:10-8:40 13 artboards WHITE-02-1  TrendMiner Coach Panel
Panelists: Dave Carpels, Application Analyst at Umicore (+ additional panelists to be announced soon!)
8:40-9:00 TrendTours Logo - PNG format TrendMiner Field Guide: Technical Support
Presented by Jef Vanlaer, CS Operations Manager, and Stijn Agten, Support Manager at TrendMiner
8:55-9:15 3-trendminer-icon-fullcolor1200 Break
9:15-9:35 TrendTours Logo - PNG format TrendHub NextGen - Predictive Analytics
Presented by Jeroen Bouvin, Product Owner, and Bart Hoskens, Data Analytics Engineer at TrendMiner
9:35-9:50 TrendTours Logo - PNG format What's New in ContextHub & DashHub
Presented by Rob Azevedo, Product Manager at TrendMiner
9:50-10:15 Wheather Station-14 Prescriptive Context Analytics: Creating Automated Recommendations with Process Context for Day-to-Day Operations
Presented by Rob Azevedo, Julian Pereira, and Thomas Claes of TrendMiner
10:15-10:45 13 artboards WHITE-06-1 Use Case Panel: Leveraging TrendMiner for Predictive Monitors
Customer speakers to be announced soon!
10:45-11:00 3-trendminer-icon-fullcolor1200 TrendMiner of the Year Award Announcement/Closing Ceremony 17:45-18:00


TrendLab 2021 Speakers

At TrendLab you'll hear from some of the brightest minds in the process industry — fellow TrendMiner customers and industry leaders! Additional speakers will be announced soon.

Axel Busboom

Axel Busboom

Professor at Munich University of Applied Sciences

Bernhard Seyfang

Dr. Bernhard Seyfang

Professor at TH Bingen (University of Applied Sciences)

Christian Reichert-2

Dr. Christian Reichert

Professor at TH Bingen (University of Applied Sciences)

Christoph Bros

Christoph Bros

Digitalization Technician - TrendMiner & PPM Rollout at LANXESS


Dave Carpels

Application Analyst at Umicore Precious Metals Refining


Eric Moser

Process Engineer at The Shepherd Chemical Company

Laurent Baseilhac

Laurent Baseilhac

Process Director and Digital Manufacturing Officer at Arkema

Leon Getrost

Leon Getrost

Digitalization Technician at LANXESS

Mike Malone

Michael Malone

Principal Process Engineer at Toray Plastics America

Nimet Sterneberg

Nimet Sterneberg

Data Scientist at Clariant

Nina Mas Soler

Nina Mas Soler

Methods Engineer for the Technical Division at Arkema


Patrick Caron

Director Industry 4.0 Solutions at NOVIPRO

Ronan Lüttig

Ronan Lüttig

Engineering Technician at Vestolit Marl


Salvatore Castro

Sr. Director, LoB Digital Manufacturing at SAP


Samir Khoda

Optimization Engineer at BASF

Sebastian Recker

Dr. Sebastian Recker

Process Engineer & TrendMiner Global Rollout Lead at LANXESS


Yasha Watkar

Associate Engineer at Nestlé Health Science